14: Eugena’s plan


In the world of early ANTM being a little vicious or bitchy definitely seemed to have its perks. Girls that displayed some pretty cutthroat behaviour went far into the competition. I can give loads of examples of this.

Like Camile from season 2 who befriended her biggest rival to then imply said rival had an eating disorder in front of Tyra:

Or like Elyse from season 1 who said this about a girl:

Or Amanda from season 3 who was told in confidence about another contestant’s bulimia, blabbed her secret around in a matter of seconds and then followed it up with this arsehole remark:

Or Jade from season 6, just in general:

It appears as though Season 7’s Eugena picked up on this trend. So here is my theory: she tried to be a bitch to stay in the competition for a long time.

Funny thing is that you probably don’t remember Eugena for being bitchy at all, but take a look with me.

In her audition she mentioned she though the cast of Season 6 was boring and very generic.

Which is ironic because the cast of season 7 is boring and very generic.

She specifically mentioned that she didn’t like Gina and that she was way too innocent. Give that girl a break, she got enough shit.

But perhaps Eugena though that was the way to be a bitch? I mean Jade was a total bitch, and she antagonised Gina for no reason at all:

And Janice is a total bitch, and she hated on Gina for no reason at all:

She also also gave a critical rundown of the other contestants on her own season (at her audition mind you).

I mean she’s not wrong..

And Meggggg…

I mean, she’s not wrong?

She was also in the know of the master plan of crusty panty gate.

She was sassy about winning most of the challenges not judged by the panel (more on that later).

I just want to side step a moment here to mention why Eugena doesn’t own any expensive jewelry (she  won some on one of her challenge wins) is it..

  • A) She doesn’t have the money for it
  • B) She doesn’t wear jewelry
  • C) There are no jewelers where she’s from

(it’s totally C)

Later in the season Eugena grew tired of the girls (while holding a piece of bread with peanut butter on it)

And so she decided to have an Elyse-style rant! Although it was not quite as venomous as Elyse’s…

(More on that in a later entry)

But (much like in her audition) Eugena made some really good points in her rant! Like that CariDee can’t keep her clothes on, that Melrose is a backtabbing ho (that’s verbatim) and of course that….

I made a little reminder of that for you guys…

I really could have made that Jaeda-crying-over-hair tapestry about triple the size with the material I had, to be honest.

Also she referred to Anchal as a ‘big old blob’.

But there were other contestants that were clearly less likable than she was, like this girl:

But for some reason, Eugena got a barrage of shit poored over her by the judges. She kept trucking through and took it like a champ. This is all from one judging:

And I feel the reason Eugena didn’t win, despite every challenge judge clearly loving her and her massive improvement towards the end, really encompasses what the problem is with America’s Next Top Model.

Unlike in other modeling reality shows (or even other shows in the franchise) having a lot of potential is a reason for Tyra to be judging you harsher.

Here’s what she said to Eugena in the first episode.

So you have a lot of potential to become a model, but in your very first shoot you didn’t absolutely nail it, despite looking beautiful.

Just compare that to this moment in the second Season of Australia’s Next Top Model when discussing a model who had a bad attitude, but clearly had a lot of potential.

And that just makes more sense, and is the reason why other NTM’s have a lot of successful winners and America’s Next Top Model doesn’t.

Of course back on Season 7 of America’s Next Top Model, this lady won.

Who admittedly had a great personality, but really not a lot of modeling potential.

CariDee is one of the girls that has been very vocal about her win getting in the way of a career as a high fashion model. And I really do think she’d be rocking Paris with that killer walk of hers had she not won..

So, sorry Eugena, terrible plan, but congratulations on all of your success after the show.

And CariDee, you do you.

Bye guys!


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